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Hi Everyone!

Do you own a business, work for a business, or know of a business that would be interested in helping sponsor the International Gay Bowling Organization’s 2016 Annual Tournament on May 25-30, 2016? We bid and won the opportunity to bring this annual tournament to Albuquerque in 2016, in lieu of hosting our annual Albuquerque Roadrunner Tournament in 2016. This bowling tournament is typically the largest tournament of the year within IGBO® and is expected to bring 400+ bowlersfrom across the country to Albuquerque.

IGBO® provides educational services, communication avenues, and social opportunities to promote the sport of bowling and to enrich the lives of the participants. It helps bring national attention to Albuquerque, and increase tourism to the state. We have selected Casa Q as our primary charity for this event – a non-profit organization providing safe living options and services for LGBTQ youth who are at risk of, or experiencing homelessness.

Sponsorships may take many forms. We are looking for $500 sponsors to host each of the Singles, Doubles, Team or Scratch Masters Events, a $500 program sponsor, or a $1000 sponsor for the banquet. Each of these sponsors will be listed in our program as Key sponsors, and announced at the event they sponsor. These sponsors will also featured in the program, with a full page ad describing the sponsoring organization.

In addition to these sponsorships, tournament program ads may be purchased at the following rate:

  • $200 – full page ad
  • $100 – half page ad
  • $50 – quarter page ad
  • $25 – business card sized ad

Sponsors may also provide gifts (such as pens, water, food, bottle openers, or other “swag”) that will be put into each registrant’s gift bags. These items value may vary (typically $0.25-$5 each but the total value will be used to gauge the size of the ad for the sponsoring organization that will be featured in the tournament program and the amount required will depend on total number of registrants, but is expected to be between 400-500).

Sponsors may also donate items that may be raffled as part of the Rainbow ticket raffle during the program. Again, the sponsor will be provided an ad in the program that will be sized according to the value of the item donated. Please remember that many of our attendees will be flying in, and raffle items should be able to be something that can easily and legally be carried on a plane.

IGBO is a 501(c) 3 organization, and donations/sponsorships will be tax deductible to the full amount allowed by law.

As a thank you for your contribution, you will be acknowledged as a sponsor on our website (www.igbo2016.org) and well as being listed as a sponsor in the tournament program.

Thank you in advance for your consideration and we look forward to hearing back from you.

Yours sincerely,

Jeff Hanson
TART Fundraising Chair

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