2016 IGBO Annual Tournament Board and Committee

Gina BellusoDirector of Bowling Operations | Gina@IGBO2016.org

Brian MenapaceDirector of Hotel Operations | Brian@IGBO2016.org

Ron SisnerosDirector of Outside Operations | Ron@IGBO2016.org

Greg FreyRocky Mountain Regional Director | Greg@IGBO2016.org

Kenneth Gaw | Secretary | Ken@IGBO2016.org

Guy SearsTreasurer | Guy@IGBO2016.org

Jeff HansonFundraising/Raffles | Jeff@IGBO2016.org

Steven HerndonStatistician/Average | Steven@IGBO2016.org

Wendy CrismoreWebmaster/Program/Advertising | Wendy@IGBO2016.org

Peggy Walden | CNM USBC Liaison/Volunteers | Peggy@IGBO2016.org

Levi Perrott | Hotel/Registration

Monica BergeronBanquet/Awards/Social Media | Monica@IGBO2016.org

Paul CollomScratch Events | Paul@IGBO2016.org

Vickie Creek | IGBO Liaison

Stephen Chavez | Hospitality Events

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